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Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for pistachio ice cream!
Especially when Germinal Organic lemon and ginger cookies are involved.

This mouthwatering recipe will satisfy the cookie monster and ice cream lover in you. In a nut shell, making these mini Germinal pistachio ice cream sandwiches is a breeze.
There’s so much flavor, and so little work.

The hint of lemon and ginger with smooth and velvety pistachio ice cream are the sweetest combination any night of the week.

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EU Versus US: A Closer Look at Food Standards

Europe vs. USA

As the US subsidiary of a European food manufacture, Germinal Organic is exposed to both European and American food product rules and regulations. Let’s take a look at a few areas where U.S. and EU food product standards differ.

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Gluten Free Apple Pie Crumble Recipe

Start the year off with this Gluten Free Germinal Apple Pie Crumble.
The Germinal Organic cinnamon and apple bars act as a perfect apple pie crumble, filled with sweet and tangy flavor.

Your guest won’t believe this only took 10 minutes to prep.
It's literally as easy a pie!
This recipe is the ideal dessert to serve at your dinner party or when you are just in the mood to cozy up by the fireplace with a good book and delicious slice of pie.

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Shop 'Til You Drop... A Few Pounds!

Grocery shopping can go from good to bad in a matter of minutes if you don’t show up prepared.
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New Year, New Health Trends


New year, new trends: what does the future of healthy food look like? As an industry leader, Germinal Organic invests in staying ahead of the game to be able to meet demands of a fast pace food market. Research brings its rewards, so let’s take a look at the top 5 trends that are positioned to shape buyer behavior in 2018.

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Gluten Free Day

Having a gluten-intolerance or celiac disease isn’t always fun and games.

But we want everyone to enjoy Gluten Free Day to the fullest with some great food hacks and yummy recipes we’ve put together for every meal.

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You Are HOW You Eat


Consumers make decisions every day on what products they want to purchase. Obviously, these decisions are influenced by factors like price and brand recognition, but purchasing patterns are also shaped by consumption habits. Buyers of gluten-free food products are no exception, and it is important for industry professionals to understand not only what food products their potential customers buy, but also how they eat them! Through a 2017 consumer survey, Germinal Organic (partnering with Qualtrics) sought to collect information on how frequently consumers buy gluten-free products and how they fit those products into their diets.

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Vegan Dessert

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
When holiday season hits, so does the sweet tooth.
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Gluten Free Truffles

Ditch your oven mitts and get your hands dirty with this delicious gluten-free Germinal Truffles recipe.
We know how hectic the holiday season can be, so with just a few ingredients and a box of Germinal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You’ll shuffle ‘til you truffle in no time.

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Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

You can’t spell meat without eat!

Start your gluten free charcuterie board with your savory favorites.

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“We are manufacturers and with our products we respect the environment, in cooperation
with suppliers and commercial partners who share our commitment to sustainability.
We take care of people, designing organic, healthy and functional products developed
following precise nutritional needs. Our motto? Nourish your health, with taste!”

Emanuele Zuanetti CEO