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Gluten Free Day

Having a gluten-intolerance or celiac disease isn’t always fun and games.

But we want everyone to enjoy Gluten Free Day to the fullest with some great food hacks and yummy recipes we’ve put together for every meal.

Today is a celebration that never stops and we want everyone to enjoy with delicious gluten free recipes that will make your taste buds tingle.

Gluten Free Day, a Guide For Celebration


Although any gluten free guy or gal can whip up a big omelet for breakfast, we have a few ideas on how to make the start of your day even sweeter.

We found a delicious gluten free banana pancake recipe that will literally have you going bananas.
Instead of flour, simply use a few mashed-up bananas as your base.

You then add melted butter or coconut oil, 2 eggs and a dash of baking soda.
If you have an even bigger sweet tooth, we recommend adding a little honey or maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon.
For all the chocoholics out there, do what you do best and add your favorite chocolate chips to the mix.

Here’s a delicious and easy to follow recipe we found by Eugenie Kitchen: Banana Pancakes.

We also suggest trying our Gluten Free Chocolate Bar for consumers on the go in the morning.

This bar is delicious in flavor and can be enjoyed anywhere.


If you’re tired of always eating a salad, we have some great recipe tips to add some flavor to your day.

For one, quinoa is an easy prepared meal that is filling and goes great with a variety of foods.
You can mix and match different flavors to keep your quinoa bowls exciting and unique.

One day you might be craving a Mexican black bean quinoa salad, while the next day you’re mouth deep in a tangy Asian quinoa bowl.

Try this yummy black bean and quinoa salad recipe from Elizabeth Rider: Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe.

We also suggest wrapping your head around gluten-free spinach tortillas!
You can use these to make fresh and filling sandwich wraps with a variety of your favorite toppings and flavors.

We found a mouthwatering turkey club spinach wrap recipe from Tastes Lovely: California Turkey Club-Wrap.

This lunch meal is easy, flavorful and fresh!


We found an American-Italian recipe for chicken parmesan lovers everywhere.
We made this popular meal gluten free using quinoa instead of breadcrumbs.
The quinoa bakes perfectly in the oven with a delicious crisp that compliments the marinara sauce and melted mozzarella too perfectly.

Try this delicious gluten-free recipe from Eating Well: Quinoa Crusted Chicken Parmesan.
The preparation and cook time may take a little while, so we’ve found another American-Italian favorite that can be consumed as an appetizer or a side.

Make your own cheese or charcuterie board using your favorite meats and cheese options, paired with Germinal Tomato and Basil Crackers.
This slight hint of Italy is the perfect flavor pairing for whatever you choose on your board, and goes even better with your quinoa chicken parmesan!

If you haven’t already filled up by now, treat yourself to a guilty, gluten-free dessert.
You can play it safe with your favorite ice cream flavors, or try something new with gluten free brownies, cakes and so much more.

Although it might seem like your dietary restrictions are preventing you from enjoying life until you’re the fullest, there are so many different gluten free snacks and recipes that are easy and delicious.

Gluten Free Day is a time for everybody to come together and celebrate a day that holds a special place in all of our stomachs.


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