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Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

You can’t spell meat without eat!

Start your gluten free charcuterie board with your savory favorites.

Creating the perfect charcuterie board goes beyond just the ingredients.
Mastering the anatomy of the champion antipasto platter is all about balance. 
For someone with a gluten-intolerance, this crowd-pleasing appetizer might seem like a challenge.

However, we’ve put together the perfect gluten free charcuterie board that goes gouda with everything.

How To Make The Perfect Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

STEP 1: Meat Me At The Board

Start your gluten free charcuterie board with your savory favorites.

For a more casual and low-cost board, you can choose some of your favorite cold cuts from the deli, such as Chipotle Chicken, Black Forest Ham, Honey Maple Turkey, and so on.
For a fancier feast, bring in the big guns with Chorizo, Coppa, or a personal favorite, prosciutto, to add some flavor in your favor.

STEP 2: This Might Sound Cheesy

It’s no secret that sweet dreams are made of cheese, but finding the perfect pair for your board is all about texture.
Although you can never go wrong with hard cheese, such as a classic cheddar or pecorino, we’ve got a soft spot for mastering the perfect charcuterie board.

My go-to cheese, mozzarella, goes great with any type of meat, followed by goat cheese as a close second.
But there’s also the question to brie, or not to brie?

These extra soft cheeses are the perfect way to balance out any crunch that comes in your way.

STEP 3: We Be Jamming

Now that you’ve got your savory sorted out, the need for sweet is imperative.

For an extra crunch, apple slices and grapes are a healthy and delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Raw honey is another great way to balance out your flavors with just a light drizzle on top.

Our personal favorite is spreading an even coat of fig jam over your cracker, before adding your favorite toppings.
The texture is thin enough for your meat and cheese to take the spotlight, but thick enough that there’s no drip.
This is our jam because it even keeps your meat and cheese in place so you get a perfect bite every time.

STEP 4: The Cracker Cure

 No charcuterie board is complete without adding the perfect crunch.
For anyone with a gluten-intolerance, sensitivity, or celiac disease, no need to live your life cracker-less and in crumbles.

Germinal Organic offers three delicious flavors of gluten free crackers that are perfect for any occasion.

With a more spicy and flavorful gluten free charcuterie board, our simple chickpea and rice flavored crackers are the perfect match.
For a unique flavor blast that will give your favorite meats an extra kick, we recommend trying our rosemary crackers.

Finally, our tomato and basil flavored crackers give you a subtle taste of Italy, perfect when paired with prosciutto and mozzarella for our favorite flavor combination and balance.


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