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Blueberry properties: those that you (perhaps) did not know

Blueberries are just like teff, small but packs a powerful punch.

Blueberries, in the wild, generally grow on small shrubs in mountainous undergrowth. The shrubs bloom in spring and the juicy berries are ready to for harvesting in late summer.

Cultivated for centuries by many peoples, today, blueberries are one of the most consumed berries in the world thanks to its unique properties and the many benefits it brings to our organism.

It is not commonly known that the entire blueberry plant can be used and not just the berries. The entire plant can be eaten and the blueberry is used in many herbal and homeopathic treatments, as well as in cosmetics.

But … what does the word “blueberry” makes you immediately think of? Probably of a round, small and purple fruit. Did you know that there are also other varieties? There is the black blueberry, the blue blueberry and the giant blueberry!

Now that you know the blueberry a little bit more, it’s time to discover all its properties.

Rich in natural antioxidants
The blueberry is a fruit rich in anthocyanins that are natural antioxidants that help to counteract free radicals and prevent aging of skin and tissues.

Improves eyesight
Anthocyanins in the blueberry can improve eyesight, particularly in low light conditions.

It helps our circulatory system
Anthocyanins, in addition to determining the distinctive blueberry color, contribute to the strengthening and protection of blood vessels. Among the anthocyanins, the most famous is the myrtillin.

Do you feel to load up on full of benefits with blueberry properties?


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