What Organic and Non-GMO Certifications Really Mean 

Why you should care about organic and non-GMO certifications 

Consumers want pure organic food and non-GMO products. And, they want to be sure that’s what they’re getting. Here’s why organic and non-GMO certifications are essential. 
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Is Organic Sourcing Worth the Challenges?

Why Put in the Extra Work for Organic Sourcing 

What are consumers looking for from the food industry right now? Organic product. As the demand for organic food rises, so do the challenges of sourcing it.

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Germinal Organic Commits to Growth

The Healthy Food Manufacture Is Off to A Fast Start in North America

In less than 12-months, Germinal Organic Inc. has positioned itself to take the US gluten-free snack market by storm.

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EU Versus US: A Closer Look at Food Standards

Europe vs. USA

As the US subsidiary of a European food manufacture, Germinal Organic is exposed to both European and American food product rules and regulations. Let’s take a look at a few areas where U.S. and EU food product standards differ.

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New Year, New Health Trends


New year, new trends: what does the future of healthy food look like? As an industry leader, Germinal Organic invests in staying ahead of the game to be able to meet demands of a fast pace food market. Research brings its rewards, so let’s take a look at the top 5 trends that are positioned to shape buyer behavior in 2018.

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You Are HOW You Eat


Consumers make decisions every day on what products they want to purchase. Obviously, these decisions are influenced by factors like price and brand recognition, but purchasing patterns are also shaped by consumption habits. Buyers of gluten-free food products are no exception, and it is important for industry professionals to understand not only what food products their potential customers buy, but also how they eat them! Through a 2017 consumer survey, Germinal Organic (partnering with Qualtrics) sought to collect information on how frequently consumers buy gluten-free products and how they fit those products into their diets.  

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What Matters to Consumers?


Consumers make decisions everyday on what products they want to purchase, and why. For gluten-free products, the situation is no different. Shoppers must choose one product over all the rest to spend their hard-earned money on. How do they make this decision? What factors do they consider? It is important for manufactures to understand what matters most to potential customers in order to understand in what areas they must focus their marketing and communication activities. Through a 2017 consumer survey, Germinal Organic (partnering with Qualtrics) sought to understand which factors matter most to gluten-free consumers: company story, ingredients, recipes, or brand familiarity.

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The Information Age: Where do Gluten-Free Consumers Go for Answers?


The gluten-free snack food industry is growing exponentially. While manufactures strive to differentiate their brand from a sea of competitors, consumers are having to work hard to distinguish one product from another. Through a 2017 consumer survey, Germinal Organic (partnering with Qualtrics) sought to understand where consumers interested in gluten-free products turn to, to get information on new products.

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