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How To Burn Fat

Did someone say beach season?
Here is a comprehensive guide on how to burn fat and Keep it off. 

If you’re addicted to the sun and vitamin sea, you’ll want a hot summer body you’ll be proud to show off.

While cardio is a great way to initially burn fat, lifting weights is the best way to keep burning fat even after you finish your work out.

Other tips, such as moving your body around every day and drinking lots of water also contribute towards keeping fat off.
But it’s not just about the work you put in to having a toned body, it’s also about what you put inside of your body. 

How to Burn Fat and Keep it Off


Protein is power because it helps build muscle, which eliminates more fat.
Even with calorie restrictions, protein helps you keep muscle you already have.
It’s also very filling, so eating a certain number of calories in protein will keep you feeling fuller than eating the same number of calories from grains.

For those who are vegan or vegetarian, there are plenty of protein substitutes, such as quinoa, chickpeas, spinach and more. Germinal Organic products are all certified gluten-free, so most products are made with quinoa or rice flour, which means more protein to the people.


While snacking in moderation is okay, it’s important to be smart when choosing what to snack on.
Fruits and vegetables are great for snacking because they contain healthy sugars and fiber.
Because of this, it’s important to know that one extra snack does in fact make or break you.

Germinal Organic products are all under 120 calories per serving, so you can definitely treat yo self to a smart snack.


While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most skipped meal of the day.
Skipping breakfast can help with weight loss for some people; however, the majority of people who eat a healthy breakfast everyday have had the highest rates of losing weight and keeping it off.

Often times, the calories missed when breakfast is skipped are gained even more so when snacking later in the evening.
That’s why Germinal Organic products are perfect for solving this issue.

Our different flavored bars are rich in protein, fiber, and low in calories, making them the perfect breakfast on the go.


Studies have shown that foods rich in fiber can reduce calorie intake at your next meal.
Vegetables and fruits are both extremely rich in fiber, making them important additions to every meal.
Viscous fiber, which is found in many vegetables, oats, apples and more, can actually help reduce your appetite all together.

Some other foods rich in fiber include, chia seeds, chickpeas and cocoa powder, which are all ingredients that can be found in Germinal Organic products. 


Cut the carbs and bring on the weight loss.
Although grains are cheap, easy to make, and easy to overeat, it’s important to limit your intake in order to stay lean.
Eating grains for just one meal a day is more than fine, especially right before working out.

We already know how easy this is for all of our gluten-free consumers, but it’s important to rehash the severity of eating too many carb-filled foods when you’re looking to lose weight.


It’s time to stop filling your body with excess fats and sugars from foods you simply don’t need.
Although it might be painful saying pastalavista to your favorite carbs and so long to your favorite sweets, it’s imperative for burning fat and keeping it off. 

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