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Refreshing Spring Salad Recipe

The sky is blue, flowers are in bloom, and we’re booming with healthy and refreshing recipes for Spring season.

We’ve transformed your favorite Germinal Organic snacks into meals so you can truly feel FULL-filled. Sit back, relax, and let your taste buds do the talking.

Healthy Spring Salad Recipe


We know some spring salad do basically the bare minimum when it comes to satisfying hunger.
That’s why we’ve set out to make a hardy and healthy spring salad with Germinal Organic products and ingredients that will actually keep you full.

Lettuce begin with our base; You can choose whatever green your heart desires, from spinach to kale and anything in between.
We tossed our master piece with cherry tomatoes, quinoa and chickpeas for protein, and apples for a sweet sensation. To top it all off, we used crumbled Germinal Organic quinoa and chia seed crackers for the perfect crunch.

We ended our salad celebration with a bang by making a tangy lemon ginger vinaigrette to bring all the flavors together. This super salad is perfect for spring.


For the main attraction, we’ve created a mouthwatering rosemary crusted salmon that will have you swimming in your drool.

We crushed Germinal Organic rosemary crackers finely and added extra salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste before submerging the salmon in it.
It’s the perfect gluten free crust because anyone can enjoy it.

Especially with all the different flavor options offered, the possibilities are endless and the taste never fails. For all of our vegan fans, this crust is also perfect for making alternative dishes, such as crusted mushrooms, artichoke, zucchini fries and more!

We definitely crust our products to be the tastiest, especially when creating refreshing new meals.


After satisfying your savory senses, it’s time for the sweet tooth!

We’ve created the ultimate parfait, packed with fruit, chocolate, and even a little protein.
We started off our master piece with dark chocolate because everyone wants the last bite to be the best bite, and who wouldn’t want that bite to be chocolate?
We then used crumbled pieces of the Germinal Organic chocolate bar over the next layer for extra crunch and protein.
Our chocolate bars are made with organic quinoa flour so you’re actually getting a full gram of protein with this bite!

Next, we layered blueberries for a tangy taste, and finally topped it all off with the Germinal Organic blueberry bar.
It’s the perfect treat to end your refreshing three course meal on a sweet note.


No matter the occasion or season, Germinal Organic products can be used to create a variety of meals. With so many different options of savory or sweet, you can truly make what your heart, and stomach, desires.

It’s the perfect time to get out and smell the roses, and an even better time to get out and try Germinal Organic. 
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