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Get Lucky With Germinal Organic

You’ve heard of the luck of the Irish, now get ready for the luck of Germinal Organic!

With healthy food trends continuing to rise, it’s no surprise that organic and gluten-free snack options have become a lucky alternative for anyone dealing with celiac and other food allergies.


As an Italian based company, we always cherish our culture and traditions, especially when luck is involved. Legumes are considered lucky because the abundance of tiny edible seeds are symbolic of wealth or money. Many legumes resemble coins due to their shape, which further symbolizes its luck. Because they swell up when soaked in water, it extends the analogy that wealth will grow over time. Lucky for our consumers, most of our products are made with some type of legume! Our crackers are made with either chickpea or quinoa flour, both of which are part of the legume family. Even our chocolate bars and chocolate chip cookies are made with organic quinoa flour to truly sweeten your chances of getting lucky.


It’s definitely no secret that Italians have a knack for risotto, and thus consider rice a lucky food. Similar to legumes, rice grains are small, round-shaped and swell when cooked, which is a lucky symbol of wealth. In the Piedmont region of Italy, prosperity is directly symbolized by rice grains. A majority of our products are made with organic rice flour and even organic rice syrup. That’s double the luck! To triple your odds, it’s found that coin-shaped foods are also considered to be lucky to anyone who eats them. Lucky for us, our lemon and ginger cookies contain rice flour and are coin-shaped so you’re really doubling down on luck.   


While most people in the world are going green for the environment, we’re going green for a few other reasons as well. Greens aren’t just good for your health, they’re also good for your luck!  All types of greens are considered lucky simply because they resemble dollar bills. The idea is that the more greens you eat, the more money you will have later on. Lucky for those who hate their greens, ours are masked wonderfully in our deliciously flavored products and recipes. Our tomato basil crackers are the perfect hint of green, while our rosemary crackers have a little extra kick. These snack products are the deliciously perfect extra bang for your buck.


Although luck definitely helps in many situations, we’re lucky to have products that are 100% natural and genuinely delicious. We are able to craft flavorful gluten-free and organic recipes for over 30 years, that are inspired by nature to help consumer’s snack healthy and happy. Click here to find out more:



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